Wednesday, September 9, 2009

PRP - Three Needles

The first needle was to remove about a cup of blood from my body. This wasn't too bad despite the large needle size, and it was done quickly.

Then, while the lab spun down the blood, the doctor and ultrasound tech tried to find the injury spot with the ultrasound machine. Eventually, they were convinced they'd found the area. By now, the blood had been spun down and the injection was ready.

Injection number 2 was some lidocaine, although I'm not sure how much it helped.

Injection number 3 was the PRP. It was done with a 22 gauge spinal (long) needle. It seemed to take forever to get the needle to the right spot and it was somewhere between uncomfortable and painful, tending towards painful.

For the next ten days, I'm not allowed to run or do lower body lifting. I can walk, I can swim using leg buoys, and I can do upper body weights. In ten days, I can start running easily and I can start doing lower body weights at low levels of effort.

Right now, I'm just going to relax a bit.

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