Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bike Ride

I was tired yesterday and my hamstring was complaining. At the same time, the day was too beautiful to do nothing at all. So, after work, I picked up some groceries, picked up my daughter from school, and headed home to ride my bike. I decided that I'd ride for about 90 minutes, but I wouldn't push the pace at all.

And, that's just what I did, and it was a nice, pleasant ride.

Today's scheduled workout is a lower body lifting workout, and I decided to do it this evening rather than getting up at 5:00 to lift before work. So, I'll stop at the gym on the way home tonight for my lifting.

This coming weekend, there are a number of local races. There is a big 5K on Saturday - a race I run most years. Last year, I surprised myself when I ran 20:51, about 45 seconds faster than I thought I'd run. This year, I'd be lucky to break 28 and I'd probably hurt my hamstring, so I'm staying away. My wife will run the race though. She hasn't run since 2002, when she ran 27:00, and I'm pretty sure she'll beat that time this year.

On Monday, my wife and I are both planning to run a very low-key local 8-mile race. This race was popular in the 70s and into the 80s, but died out many years ago. Last year, it was resurrected and it's now more an "event" than a race. I've been told that as many as half the participants walk the race and most are there for the big pot luck afterwards. We didn't run the race when it was brought back last year, but we're planning to do it this year. Hopefully, my wife won't beat me too badly.

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