Monday, September 14, 2009

Counting down the days

My hamstring is feeling much better. I don't mean that the injury itself necessarily feels better, but the discomfort from the PRP treatment is mostly gone. I feel comfortable just moving around, and I really feel like I could try running right now.

Of course, if the PRP is doing its job, my body is in the process of generating new tissue and that tissue can't possibly be fully constructed and ready to do any real work yet. So, as much as it pains me, I'll wait until Saturday to try to run.

After paying almost a grand out of pocket for the treatment, it would be pretty stupid to ruin things by being impatient.

At the same time, I HAVE to do something. For the past two days, I've done upper body lifting, so I doubt that I'll do that again today. That leaves walking, the stair climber or indoor cycling, none of which sounds particularly appealing.

Or, I could just practice the guitar for hours, but my practice last night was really frustrating. I think the guitar and I need a day away from each other right now. My wife told me that she is very impressed by what I've accomplished in just a few weeks, but all I can think about it what I'm not doing yet. Of course, that's pretty typical to how I approach everything. Every success simply raises the bar.

One of my readers mentioned to me that she broke her foot playing the guitar. I wonder if it was frustration that resulted in her kicking the amp. If so, I know the feeling.

We are clearly entering autumn here in New England. This is my favorite time of year to run, and I'm hoping that I can enjoy a few weeks of good running yet this fall.


thronedoggie said...

Guitar's not bad, starting out - however, Ethel HATED the learning curve for banjo : )

Damon said...

Well, I'll definitely stay away from the banjo then.

Last night, I gave my semi-numb left index finger a rest and instead of practicing the guitar, I just read about practicing. I'll get back to it tonight.