Saturday, September 5, 2009

Better than expected

I had to run my 8 miler solo this morning, because my wife was out running her 5K. I haven't heard any results from her yet and I might now hear until tomorrow night. After the race, she headed to her parents' camp in northeastern VT for a visit.

I was sore from my last two weight workouts and I was really apprehensive about the run, but it went surprisingly well. I was two minutes slower than last week when I ran the loop with my wife, but I was very happy to run that speed.

Now, I'm watching the Penn State game on TV rather than doing some housework I should be doing.

Tomorrow, I am planning to lift before I put a half-hearted effort into a tough 8 mile race on Monday. I certainly hope that my wife beats me on Monday considering how fit she is right now.

My left index finger is sore and a little bit numb from too much guitar practice. I guess this is my first guitar "injury".

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