Tuesday, September 8, 2009

If it's not one thing...

So, the minor injury to my right leg is actually in the groin, not the hamstring. That became apparent yesterday when I was doing an upper body lifting workout. One of the lifts was barbell push presses, and on the 4th rep of the first set, it felt like my leg just exploded. I had to sit down for a bit and then walk around the gym until things settled down a bit. I was able to complete the workout, but I made some minor changes. Instead of push presses, I did just presses, with no lower body motion at all. And, instead of iron crosses, which require a squatting motion, I did a simple dumbbell complex.

After lifting, I spent three hours doing yardwork at home. The whole family pitched in, including the kids. After a few hours, we were all tired and exhausted and soaked with sweat. The only solution to that was a celebratory end-of-summer, end-of-yardwork ice cream cone. There were many smiles when I made the suggestion. My wife and I eat ice cream very, very rarely, but even she was thrilled with the idea yesterday.

After our ice cream, we gave the keys to the new car to my son to drive us home. He was a bit nervous, but he did a great job. His control of the car while it's moving is really excellent. He had one exciting moment when he came around a corner and an oncoming car was in the middle of the road. But, he deftly moved as far right as he could, and the other car moved out of the way. He said he was prepared to take us off the road to avoid the collision if necessary, which was the right answer.

He's still perplexed by manual transmission issues, but he's getting to drive automatics in driver's ed in school. Eventually, it will all come together, but he's making good progress. He can't get his license until next June anyway.

Today, I think I'll rest my right leg again, so I'm going to do my Friday upper body workout after work tonight.

Tomorrow, I don't know if I'll train or not. I've got my PRP treatment at 10 a.m. tomorrow, so I'd have to do something early. I might do an easy run if my leg feels OK.

This week is a good time for the treatment. I'm swamped at work (I worked a lot this weekend) and my wife and son are going out of town to see the Penn State-Syracuse game on Saturday. So, my daughter and I will have a quiet weekend together. We'll probably both spend some time playing with my guitar. My left index finger remains sore from playing, but I'm slowly seeing some improvements. Lessons start this week or next.

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Tania said...

Good Luck Tomorrow Damon! Hope that does the trick!