Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yesterday's "workout"

I spent 45 minutes before work and then another hour-plus after work clearing snow and ice from my driveway, deck, and mailbox. My wife is out skiing today, so I've got to take care of getting the kids home from school, but I should still be able to sneak in a gym workout while the kids do their homework.

The gym is closed the next two days, so I'll probably snowshoe run both of those days. Christmas morning, I'll probably get out for 90 minutes or more, and with the dogs if it's not too cold for them.

Our next two storms are going to be partially rain, but by the end of next week, it looks like we'll be back to a cold, snowy weather pattern. The more snow, the better, for now at least.

Today, a friend asked me to pace at Umstead in the spring, so my first truly long run of next year is likely to be 50 miles (4 loops) of the Umstead course. That also means I'll be at Umstead to encourage the runner I paced at Massanutten this year.


David Ray said...

You should post that pic of your ski helmet modification. Very nice.

Damon said...

That will be in my next post.