Friday, December 5, 2008

Treadmill run

I ran on the treadmill for about an hour last night. I was feeling pretty tired and didn't run nearly as hard as I had on Tuesday. Tonight will be lifting, focusing on deadlifts, and then I'll ski all weekend. Hopefully, the deadlifts won't leave me too tired to ski reasonably well tomorrow.

Next week, I'll run 3 days and lift 2, after lifting 3 and running 2 this week. I won't run more than 4 times per week until after the first of the year, and most weeks will be 3 runs totalling about 20 miles.

It looks like we're going to get a few inches of snow on Sunday and then a bigger storm on Tuesday. Regretfully, the Tuesday storm will start as snow but then change to rain. That's likely to increase the base depth of the snow, but after the wet snow freezes solid, it won't be good for snowshoeing. I'm really itching to get out on my snowshoes rather than running on the stupid treadmill.

There's not much else going on. It's my off-season, so my training isn't really goal-oriented, plus Christmas is approaching. I need to get a Christmas tree soon, but I've been too busy with work and skiing to even think about when I'll get around to that. Maybe tomorrow if the ski day ends early enough.


David Ray said...

I guess up there in God's country you'll hitch up the horses to the sleigh and head out to the woods to chop down a Christmas tree.

Down here we go in the basement and open the box.

Damon said...

While I love living here in VT, I know that the place I live isn't for everyone. I grew up in a tiny town in PA and I couldn't wait to get the heck out of there.

But now, I love living the rural life that I have. It's no better than anywhere else; it just suits my passions.

We have gone out and cut down our own tree at times (no horses or sleigh though), and we still get a real tree every year. But, most of the time, we do like everyone else and go somewhere and pay money for it.

My dad bought a fake tree when I was a teenager and I hated it. I swore I'd go without a tree before buying a fake one. Again, to each is own.