Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another lifting PR

I'm really liking the lifting cycle I'm in right now. It's from the New Rules of Lifting book and the focus of the cycle is strength improvement. There are cycles focused on fat loss, cycles focused on getting bigger, and some focused on getting stronger. The program I'm doing right now is called Strength 1, and I'll be halfway done with it by the end of the week.

Last night's workout focused on squats. Last week, I barely set a new squat PR, going from 225 to 230. Last night, I nailed 235 easily in my single-rep 4th set. So, I added an additional set to try 245. I made the weight on my first attempt, but the squat rack where I lift has mirrors right in front of you. Even though I made the lift, I decided I hadn't dropped deep enough into the squat. Rather than resting before trying again, I decided to re-do the rep immediately. I nailed it on the second try. The next few lifts (step-ups and Bulgarian split squats) are always tough after six sets of squats, but that's pretty much the point of the workout. After those lifts, I did some core work and I was done.

Today, we start a period of really wild weather here in VT. It's been below zero the past two nights and yesterday was a cold day all day. Today, the temps will slowly climb to the freezing mark and then it will start to rain. So, the roads may ice up during the evening rush hour. Overnight, the temperature will continue to rise and it's going to rain hard all night. Then, the temperature will reverse and start dropping, and the rain will change back to snow to finish. This will really damage the ski areas, turning snow into ice on the hill. But then on Friday, we're supposed to see a "mini Nor'easter", which may drop 6" at lower elevations and twice that on the mountain. Getting to work on Saturday morning to teach skiing may be tough, but if we have a foot of powder, it will be worth it. Then, by the end of the weekend, the temperatures will start to climb above average again.

Winter in New England, I suppose. I heard from a friend in Reno yesterday that his local mountain, Mt. Rose, still isn't open. And, another good friend constantly laments leaving Utah for Arizona, and he hasn't skied in quite a while. (Plus, he's a 'Bama fan, so he's doubly cursed at the moment.) I've skied 5 days so far and all of them have been fun, so I shouldn't complain.

I'll run easily for an hour tonight, unless the roads are really slick and it's too dangerous to stay out. I've got clothes with me to run on the road or on the treadmill.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do something I said I wouldn't do any more this year - a double workout. It's an arm day at the gym, so I'm going to run in the morning and lift at night.


David Ray said...

Sounds like you shook off the doldrums pretty well. That weather would have me running home crying to Mama.

Anonymous said...

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