Thursday, December 18, 2008

More on Lifting

I've been writing a lot more about lifting recently than about running. It's simply my off-season from running, so most of my runs are short and easy.

Last night, my lifting focused on bench presses. I didn't make my first attempt at 165, but I made my second attempt. On the first attempt, my foot slipped away from the bench and the bar started to tilt, so my spotter grabbed it. I've made good progress on bench presses recently, but I'm still well behind Barack Obama's reported 200 pound capability. On the first of the year, I'll stop focusing on max lifts, so I have to get them now while I can.

Tonight will be an easy hour run on the bike path beside Lake Champlain. I'm probably going to run in Yaktrax, given that the bike path is partially packed snow on top of ice. I have my snowshoes with me as well, in case it's really snowy.

Tomorrow's storm looks like it will be mostly south of us, so the 6-12 forecast has been changed significantly. Now, we're talking about 2-4 instead. Sunday's storm is still looking promising though.

After my run tonight, I think I'm finally going to get a Christmas tree. We've never waited so long, but we've been pretty busy this year. The kids were fine with the idea of skipping it, but I'm not quite ready to do that. So, after work, a run, then a little Christmas shopping, and then I need to find a tree.

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