Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another lifting PR

Last night, I set a squat PR by 5 pounds. In the last 8 days, I've also set a deadlift PR by 30 pounds and a bench press PR by 20 pounds. Maybe I should give up this running stuff and become a powerlifter. Well, that's not gonna happen anytime soon. As much as I like lifting and skiing, there's still nothing more fun that running effortlessly through the mountains when I'm in good shape.

So, after a week of the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Program, my weight has gone up a pound. I think the damage was all done on Thanksgiving Day, to be honest. Otherwise, I'm doing my daily homework and absorbing the information that they are giving to us. I'm working to change habits on a daily basis - making one good decision at a time.

Doing some measurements and photos was a bit sobering. I've really let some fat creep back onto this body since WS was cancelled. I probably did it mostly with beer and margaritas, and that's a habit that I've changed already.

I know I've said this before, but I am not someone who can "out-train" a bad diet. If I let up in either category - diet or training - my weight will start to creep up. With under 7 months until Western States, and only one month until I start my real training for that race, it's time to improve my habits right now. Being hyper-focused on these things during the holiday season may be a bit difficult, but it's better than the alternative weight gain.

Oh yeah, after my squat PR last night, the next guy to use the squat rack built his way up to a 455# squat. My new PR seemed silly in comparison.

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