Monday, December 29, 2008

What a difference a week makes

A week ago, we were buried in snow. It was crazy how much it had snowed in a 5-day period. Then, it rained hard on Christmas Eve. It rained really hard on Saturday. Yesterday, the temperature was well into the 50s and we got hit hard by rain and wind. A promising ski season is on the ropes right now.

We have a chance for snow tonight (small amount), snow on Wednesday (small to moderate amount), and Friday is the key. Right now, Friday looks like the start of a massive storm that could last 48 hours. If that storm hits just right, skiing in January could be saved.

This week, I'll work out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, before teaching skiing from Thursday through Sunday. On the 5th of January, I start my WS training. Weightlifting will drop from 3x per week to 2x and I'll do full body workouts rather than body part workouts for strength. I'll start doing double workouts again - either running and lifting on the same day or running twice per day. Most runs will be limited to one hour, but by late in the month, I'll plan to do my first 20 miler of the year.

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