Friday, December 12, 2008

Treadmill pyramids

The snowstorm was kind of slow to arrive last night, but it was too slick to run outside after work, so I went to the gym with my wife. She was lifting and after I spotted her for some bench press sets, I hopped on the treadmill. I was planning 5-6 miles at an easy pace. But, my legs felt pretty good, so I ended up doing a pyramid workout. I did two minutes each at the following speeds (in mph):


It ended up being 5 miles in 50 minutes, with the 8-9-8 peaks being a decent short interval.

The snow finally started coming down hard late last night, but by 3:15 this morning, it had turned to sleet unexpectedly. By 5:00 this morning, it was raining. I spent an hour snowblowing the driveway and scraping ice off of my wife's car so we could get to work.

From radar, it looks like we're about to get hit with another round of snow shortly, but I'm not sure how much more will fall. We definitely dodged the bullet to some extent, because south and east of us, everything is covered in solid ice. Many people in southern NH have no power, and many roads are completely closed.

Okemo Resort, about a 75 minute drive south of here, reported 2" of "crud" on the mountain. The resorts further north got mostly or all snow, although it's heavier and denser snow than originally forecast.

Tomorrow, I start teaching skiing to children for the season. The forecast high temperature for tomorrow is 14F where I live and it will be colder on the mountain. For some of the kids, who haven't skied at all this season, this will seem brutally cold. So, we'll probably spend as much time indoors as outside tomorrow, just trying to stay warm.

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David Ray said...

14F. We might see that once every 3 years. Have fun and keep those kids warm.