Monday, December 22, 2008

This is my car!

If I hadn't hit the car with snow from the snowblower, you wouldn't even be able to tell what color it is. We have had 3 significant snowstorms since Wednesday, and yesterday's storm was incredible - 17" of light, fluffy snow at my house. My car was cleaned off on Friday evening, so the snow on the car is mostly from the last storm. The ski mountain has gotten 32" of fluff since Friday and the skiing is amazing.

But right now, between my workouts and skiing and shoveling snow and running the snowblower, I feel like I've been worked over. I hurt my right wrist in a skiing all a couple weeks ago. It isn't really getting better and it was sore all weekend. Last night, I tripped in our house, playing games with my dog, and I fell on that same wrist. I managed to bruise my right hand and my right foot as I fell. I'm simply tired right now.

So, except for the snow removal work, today will be a rest day. But, considering that I've already spent at least 45 minutes moving snow this morning and I'll do that much more tonight, it's not going to be much of a rest day.

Regretfully, our next two storms, due on Wednesday and Saturday, will include mixed precipitation. Hopefully the mountain will not have its snowpack damaged too much, but we'll see.

This past weekend, with a Friday storm and Sunday storm making travel difficult, we didn't have a lot of people at the mountain, so the skiing was even better than expected - lots of fluffy untracked lines. Only two of the girls in my ski group showed up, so I taught them a few things that should help them in bumps and in the trees, and then we mostly skied whereever they wanted to ski. It was a great weekend.

Oh yeah, Friday night I set a new deadlift PR at 325 pounds.

I'm tired and sore everywhere. I'm getting old, I suppose.


David Ray said...

You should be tired and sore after all that. Lots of good stuff happening. How's your daughter liking the ski class?

Damon said...

My daughter is really enjoying the social aspect of the skiing. She's still a bit wary of the terrain we ski. In the 2005-2006 season and earlier, she skied exclusively. I remember one day in February of 2006 where someone in my group had fallen in a tree run, and I was helping that girl back to her feet. Suddenly, my daughter and her coach cruised right past me, and she waved and said "Hi dad" and she was gone. She was skiing anywhere on the mountain with confidence at that point in time.

But, after two years of snowboarding almost exclusively, her ski skills are a bit rusty and she needs some time to get back up to speed. Saturday, we rode the lift to the summit of the mountain and there were four trails down - two of them are double-blacks, one is a steep single black that is often icy, and the other is a blue cruiser. The other girl wanted to do one of the double-blacks, but neither of them was quite ready for that yet. My daughter wanted the blue cruiser. I compromised on the steep single black and my daughter didn't want to ski it. But, I stuck with the decision and she skied it reasonably well. She just needs time on her feet and some confidence and she'll be fine.

Socially, she loves the other girls in the group, but skiing-wise, she's at the back of the group right now. It won't be fair to my faster skiers if she holds them up and it looks like I'm giving her special treatment. She knew that coming into the season and she made the choice. I think she'll be fine, but it will be physically challenging for her.

Unlike my son, who is fairly active year-round, my daughter is not into exercise at all, so she needs time to get into shape for the skiing. Her primary activities in her free time are watching DVDs or playing with her American Girl dolls - not the best activities to develop fitness.