Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Easy run and wild weather

I did an easy hour on the treadmill last night. I seem to be gradually adapting to the lifting cycle I'm in right now. The squat night isn't leaving me so sore that I can't run or even walk the next day. Of course, about the time you adapt to a lifting routine, that's when you should change it, so you continue to challenge your body. But, I've got a few more weeks with the current routine before I'll need to switch.

The weather is really crazy right now. Yesterday started super cold. It warmed up gradually and then overnight, temps shot up and rain arrived. I'm hoping the ski mountain didn't get too much rain and it sounds like most of the rain is south of there.

Earlier this morning, it was 51F in Burlington, VT and 32F only 30 miles north of Burlington. The current weather system came in from the southwest, which explains the warmth and moisture. The next system is coming from the northwest, and as the systems collide, we're going to seem the temperature drop rapidly and the rain will change to accumulating snow. Right now, it's 53F where I live and it will probably drop 25 degrees before I leave work.

Then, tomorrow night, the first true Nor'Easter of the year will arrive. Current forecasts are for anywhere from 4" to 10" of snow at lower elevations and more in the mountains. So, desite the current situation of warmth and rain, the ski weekend is still looking promising. And, my kids are excited about the possibility that Friday will be the first snow day of the year.

My son should be hoping that there aren't too many snow days this winter. His Spanish class is planning a week-long visit to Costa Rica in early June. They had two female chaperones (teachers) and desperately needed a male chaperone. The chaperones get most of their trip paid for, and I've agreed to be the male chaperone, as long as we are back home in plenty of time for me to fly to CA for Western States. It will certainly be a bit risky, spending some of my taper time in central America, but it should be a fun trip. I'll certainly get some heat acclimation. Right now, we are planning to return home on June 20th and I'm planning to leave for CA on the 23rd or 24th.

The downside is that I need to start getting vaccines next month, including Hep A and Hep B. We still don't know if we'll need malaria vaccines or not.

Tonight will be weights and Tabata running intervals on the treadmill. I'll take another shot at 160 pounds in my bench press tonight after needing a little help to lift that weight last week.

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