Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I mentioned earlier this week that I was tired from skiing hard over the weekend. Yesterday, I ran for a total of 2:20 across two runs. I stayed up too late the last two nights on the consulting work I've been doing. This morning, I was beat at the gym. I was lifting this morning and I just felt weak. My push-ups were way worse than last Friday. My squats and rows were OK, but nothing felt really good.

I'm going to run easy for an hour tonight, but I think I'll take a night off from the consulting work. I need some extra sleep and I have a 7:30 meeting tomorrow morning. That means I have to be up before 5:00 if I want to run for an hour before my meeting.

Skiing is going to suck this weekend because of the weather we've been having, so I'm hoping that my weekend will be a bit less tiring than last weekend.

There's a chance of a big snowstorm Monday night into Tuesday, so perhaps skiing will improve again for the following weekend.

My wife and I need to go and check out the new gym that we just joined. My current gym is planning to close at the end of June, and we got a great family rate to this new gym through work, but we haven't even visited there yet. My wife has lost a lot of weight in the past 8 months - about 13% of her body weight, but she's been slacking off in the gym recently. She said this morning it's time to get back to work.

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