Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blogging Toys

The web is full of so many cool little "widgets" for blogs. I've added a countdown timer to Western States, a weight loss tracker, and a site meter. I will probably add a list of the fitness and ultra-related sites that I like to visit as well.

Yesterday was a wild day here in VT. It was warm and then it got crazy windy. At the gym last night, lights were flickering off and on, but the power to the treadmill never got cut. I did an easy hour on the treadmill and headed home.

My road was a disaster. Cars were lined up where one tree was across the road. I parked my car on the left side of the road while I went to help, afraid that trees on the right side might land on my car. (This morning, I noticed that a tree had fallen later that would have landed on my car, had it been on the right side of the road when it fell.)

Finally, someone showed up with a chainsaw and we got the road cleared. I had to stop two more times on the way home to work with others to clear lumber off the road. The last time was kind of hairy, because the winds were still howling and we were afraid something would land on us. We used one guy as a spotter while two of us moved tree parts off the road. One tree from my property was blown into the road as well.

Our power was out from about noon until after 11:00 p.m. last night. As soon as I got home, I drank a post-workout drink, ate a couple graham crackers, and I fell asleep. My wife cooked some food for the kids on the wood stove.

I got up at 4:30 this morning and the winds were just about gone. The roof appears to still be on the house. But, our road is quite a mess and I'm sure town road crews will be busy with chainsaws for a few days.

I got to the gym early and ran easy for an hour. I was feeling the effects of no real dinner and perhaps being a bit dehydrated this morning, and I ran very slowly. I had a 7:30 meeting at work, and ate a muffin - something I would normally skip, but I was starving this morning.

I'll run easy for another hour tonight, and then lift tomorrow morning before running again tomorrow night. It looks like winter is about to return, but we lost an incredible amount of snow this week.

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