Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Delusional about my diet?

I feel like I've been eating pretty well. I've been following the guidelines of Precision Nutrition pretty well. I'm eating 5 small meals a day, with an emphasis on lean proteins and veggies, with some carbs allowed right after workouts. My evening meal always starts with a salad and veggie, so I make sure not to fill myself up on too much meat or other foods.

I'm working out very regularly and I've dropped my weight training from 3x per week to 2x per week, so I doubt that I'm building more muscle mass. Yet, my weight isn't dropping.

Last week, I drank alcohol one day, after skiing on Saturday. Yes, the weekend before, I had alcohol on three consecutive days, so that wasn't good. But, since that weekend, I've eaten very well and worked out hard with no change in weight.

I feel like I'm getting leaner and my clothes seem to be getting looser. But, the scale doesn't want to budge. According to my plan, today's weight was supposed to be 194.6, but I'm still sitting at 196.0, just like last month and just like 2 weeks ago. That puts me in the category of "no drinking allowed" until I catch up. Perhaps that's what's best for me anyway.

If I weighed in today for WS, I'd be at least 198-199. My official weight when I DNF'd in 2005 was 187, and that was still too high. I was at 194 when I ran my PR at Vermont last summer.

I have a physical on the 21st of this month and I'll complain to my doctor about it. He'll probably laugh at me and tell me to eat less. A couple years ago, he started running casually, usually running about 5 miles per day a few days per week. The weight just fell off of him and he's very thin now. So, he thinks it's easy to lose weight.

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