Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second part of my 20 miler

Things continued to be crazy last night - for a while. I had to stop at a computer store downtown, return a movie, stop to talk to a business owner about some town business, and then stop at another store. Finally, after all of that, I got to the gym. The gym is my refuge from the craziness of the rest of my day.

I turned on the TV and started the treadmill and just cruise-controlled my way to the rest of the day's 20 miles. Partway through my workout, my wife showed up to do her workout, so we got to talk for a while. After my run, I was happy and relaxed and headed home for dinner. Because I wasn't working out this morning, I spent a little time on my consulting work and then a little time just reading. It was nice to just read for a while. It was even better to sleep in until 6:30 this morning.

Tonight, I'll do an easy 1-hour run on the treadmill. Tomorrow will be weights in the morning and then an easy hour on the treadmill at night.

The 20 mile day went surprisingly well - not nearly as tough as last time. But, the last time, I did the miles in a straight shot, rather than splitting them up.

It looks like the skiing will be much better this weekend than last weekend, but Sunday will be a tough day from a temperature perspective. When teaching kids, or anyone really, rule number one is always safety. So, I'm guessing we'll take lots of breaks this Sunday to protect cold toes and feet.

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