Thursday, January 31, 2008

The end of a good month

My plans for January, if I recall correctly, were as follows:
  • Run about 40 miles per week
  • Lift twice per week
  • Ski twice per week
  • Lose some weight - hopefully about 1 pound per week.
I will run about 5 miles after work tonight, which will put me just over 190 miles for the month.

I lifted 10 times this month.

I skied 8 days this month.

And, if I use my weight from New Year's Day and my weight from this morning, I lost 3.8 pounds this month, from 197.2 to 193.4.

I'd have to say that January was a successful month. I also managed to stay injury-free and healthy, despite some illnesses in our household.

Tomorrow, I'll talk more about my plans for February.

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