Friday, January 18, 2008


Today was my every-4-weeks visit to the chiropractor. I'd had a couple hot spots while running in the last week - my left hip and some general tightness in my left Achilles tendon. No pain, but things were definitely not quite right. When he put me on the table, he noticed that my normal leg length discrepancy was reversed. Normally, my left leg is functionally shorter than the right, but today it was the other way around.

He was curious about the difference, and we talked about my recent workouts while the e-stim and moist heat did their work. At the end of 15 minutes of e-stim, the discrepancy had resolved, so he chalked it up to a tight muscle that may have been overworked while lifting or running.

He then did the usual adjustment that he does, and I walked out feeling great. I'll run later tonight to see how things feel.

This morning, I had a really good weight workout. I'm at a point in a sequence of workouts where I drop the number of reps in each set and I shorten the rest interval. I'm supposed to increase the weight for every one of the six lifts in the workout, and I did that this morning.

I'm guessing that my hamstrings will be a bit sore tomorrow after I changed my form a bit on Romanian Deadlifts. This is a tough lift to perform correctly, and I ran across an article on recently that went into some details about the purpose of the lift and how it should feel. In skiing, we often tell students how a movement should feel, but it's rare to get that kinesthetic information about how a lift should feel, at least from the sources that I typically use. The article focused on engaging the hamstrings at the bottom of the lift and I was able to make that change. Tomorrow morning, I'm sure I'll feel it while skiing.

Speaking of skiing, we've had some new snow this week and some more is on the way, so the skiing is looking better. On the downside, Sunday will be brutally cold and windy, making it tough to keep the students warm and happy.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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