Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still sore

What I hoped would be a rest day yesterday for my shoulder and quad turned into a significant double-workout. In the morning, I spent about 90 minutes removing snow so my wife and I could get out of the driveway and go to work.

After work, I spent at least another hour doing additional clean-up - cleaning the deck so it won't collapse, cleaning out the walkway to the compost bin and the propane tank, and opening up the porch a bit more than it had been.

Tonight, I should probably get out the roof rake with another rain/snow storm due in on Wednesday night into Thursday. We're in that season now where we can have huge snowstorms or huge rainstorms, and some storms are a little of each.

Tonight after work, I'm going to CrossFit. We are doing a memorial workout for Ryan Hawks, a member of our gym who died in a skiing accident a week ago. I know his father well and I got to know Ryan a little bit. He talked in the gym about just "going out west to do some skiing" and that was about it. I didn't realize that he was a world class skier until his last competition made the news. He grew up skiing in the Mad River Valley, which is where Sugarbush is located. His death really affected a lot of people I know. So, tonight's workout is going to be brutally hard, in memory of an elite athlete gone at age 25.

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Harriet said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's death. It speaks volumes that you didn't know that he was an elite athlete after talking to him.