Monday, March 28, 2011

Amazing Skiing Weekend

This was the last weekend of work as a ski instructor for the season. Amazingly, we had mid-winter conditions and the trees were full of nice snow.

We spent two days exploring new tree runs that the girls hadn't skied before, some of them very steep and challenging. The only real trail we skied all weekend was the mountain's toughest double black diamond. And, despite some firm snow, even that one skied pretty well.

We got to watch the crazies try pond skimming on Saturday, trying to ski a across a really cold pond, but usually ending up submerged. We had a party for the kids and the parents on Saturday. And then on Sunday, we just skied.

At the end of the day, there were lots of hugs and goodbyes. Nobody is sure who will ski with whom next season, and that added to some anxiety for the girls. I think they would all like to remain together as a group, but after three years, it's time for some changes. Some are going to move to a more advanced program and some won't. Some of them will really benefit from working with a new coach. Some might stay with me.

But for now, the teaching season is over and I get to ski with my family for the rest of the ski season - a month or so.

But, come November, we'll be getting ready to do this all over again. After ten years as a ski instructor, I still find myself already anticipating the next season before the current season ends.

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