Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enhanced "Tabata Something Else"

CrossFit last night was awesome.

First, we did a group mobility warm-up. I had problems with dead hangs from a pull-up bar because of my shoulder. I can do band-assisted pull-ups with no pain, but just supporting my full bodyweight in a hang for a minute was an issue.

Next was back squats - 10 x 3 - every minute on the minute. I was guessing that 225 would be an appropriate weight. Because the class was crowded, we needed to find partners at the same weight. I worked with Ken, who also thought 225 sounded right. Then, I noticed that we had more weight on the bar than anyone else in class. And, the coach said we should be at 70% of our one-rep max. My one-rep max is about 300, so my guess was a bit high. But, both Ken and I found that the weight worked well and while it was work, we got through the reps just fine. I actually found that my form improved as I did more reps. I think I relaxed a bit and was able to get deeper into the squat position as the sets progressed.

Then, it was time for "Tabata Something Else", which is usually as follows:

Tabata pull-ups (as many as possible for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, 8 rounds)
Rest one minute
Tabata push-ups
Rest one minute
Tabata Abmat sit-ups
Rest one minute
Tabata air squats

Your score is the sum of all of your reps. However, our coach decided to enhance the workout by adding Tabata rowing as a fifth exercise, with the total calories burned added to your score.

I did the pull-ups with an assistance band.

I did dumbbell presses instead of push-ups because of my shoulder injury.

The rest was as prescribed. I scored 338, with my highest score in air squats (112) and my lowest in rowing (44). All in all, it was a good workout, and my recent consistency with working out is really starting to pay off. I'm really enjoying CrossFit these days because the workouts aren't killing me.

Oh yeah, I finally get to see the orthopedist about my shoulder this Friday. I thought I was going to see him last week, but when I arrived at the office, I found out he was on vacation. There had been a mix-up. This week, I may need to fight my way through a huge snowstorm to get to his office, but I intend to be there.

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