Thursday, March 31, 2011

Really, really sore today

My abs are sore from Tuesday's workout.

My biceps are sore from the past two workouts.

My back is exhausted from the last two workouts.

Every time I moved while sleeping last night, it seemed that something hurt and woke me up.

Last night's CrossFit workout just added insult to injury after Tuesday's workout.

Row 1000m ( I did 1500 because I was a bit early)
Mobility warm-up
Ten minutes of rope-jumping practice.
Then the main event was 10 rounds of (15 x 135# deadlift, 15 push-ups) as quickly as possible.

Because of my shoulder, I did dumbbell presses instead of push-ups. As the sets accumulated, I was almost laughing at the absurdity of the weight I was using. The 135# deadlifts were easy and I got through every single set without a rest.

For the DB presses, I started at 2 x 20#. After a few rounds, I switched to 15# DBs and I still struggled. I was having to rest more than once in just about every set.

I forget what my final time was, to be honest. It was either 13 minutes and change or 16 minutes and change.

Either way, 150 deadlifts is a lot and after two hard workouts, I'm hurting today. I am working from home, so I won't be at CrossFit tonight. If I do anything at all, it will be an easy run.

Tomorrow, we have a big snowstorm coming, so I'll probably work out at the regular (not CrossFit) gym tomorrow.

Hopefully, the clinic where I'm supposed to get my shoulder checked out won't close due to the storm.

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