Friday, March 25, 2011


I joined the CrossFit gym perhaps six months ago. Every night on the board, the main part of our workout is broken into four levels - Rx'd (prescribed), Level 1 (easier), Level 2 (easier still) and Level 3 (easiest).

I normally do Level 1 or Level 2 and I've never done the Rx'd workout. And, on occasion, after being at CrossFit a number of days in a row, I've ever resorted to Level 3. Last night was my 3rd night in a row, but my fitness is increasing, so I thought I'd do Level 2 again. But, I looked at the workout, and realized that the prescribed workout was within my range:

5x5 seated box jumps - Sit on one box, and in a fluid motion, leave the one box, move the hips forward and jump onto the other box. For the first time ever, I hit 24" jumps, which was exciting. But the most exciting part of the workout was this:

10 front squats
2 deadlifts
9 front squats
4 deadlifts
8 front squats
6 deadlifts
1 front squat
20 deadlifts

The prescribed weight for men was 135#. I can do 135# deadlifts just about all day long, it seems. I figured I would finish last (the goal was to complete the workout as quickly as possible), but I knew I could do it.

It turned out that the hardest part of the workout was actually cleaning the bar from the deadlift position to the front squat position after every deadlift set.

Some people had done the workout in 10-11 minutes, most were closer to 12-13, and it took me 16+ minutes. But, I did it and I was thrilled.

I have my final weekend of skiing this weekend. I should probably rest today before skiing all weekend. But, I might do an easy run instead.

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