Thursday, April 30, 2009


The doctor may have been optimistic, but I'm not feeling that way right this minute. I could barely sleep last night; every time I moved at all, I'd irritate my hamstring somehow and the pain would wake me up. I can't walk without limping, I can't bend over without pain, and just getting into bed or out of bed is painful.

I'm trying to stay upbeat right now, but this is clearly a serious injury, perhaps the worst injury I've ever had besides my torn ACL in 2002.

That injury in 2002 cost me my first shot at Western States. I'm certainly worried that this injury will be the end of this year's attempt.

There's nothing to do right now except watch my diet and hope things start to come around. My triple ascent of Mt. Mansfield this Saturday certainly isn't going to happen.


David Ray said...

Doesn't sound good, but it's still early days. Do what you know to do. I'm hoping for the best.

Harriet said...

Yes, it is still early. In May of 2003 I dinged my hamstring to badly that I went down like a shot. A month later I racewalked the hilly Park City Marathon with no ill effects.

Damon said...

Well, I went down like I'd been shot when I pulled it. I crawled the final few feet to the base.

I'll be OK either way. I just wish that last year had worked out. I was there, all ready for a great race. I told my wife that I don't know if I have the energy to even try again if this year doesn't work out.