Friday, May 1, 2009

The pendulum swings the other way

I almost cancelled my chiropractic appointment this morning. I figured there was no need to have my hip adjustment done given my hamstring situation. But, the chiropractor was of a completely different mindset. He went right to work, looking for areas where my hips were tight or as he put it, "locked up", near the top of the hamstrings. He said he had to get my hips moving again so the hamstring can heal.

He said that the lack of swelling or a hematoma is very good news and he thinks we'll still get me to the starting line at WS. He was only able to do a limited adjustment this morning, but on the way back to work, I could operate a clutch with no pain for the first time since I got hurt. My walking stride is also much improved. I'm still having some problems sleeping because every time I move, something hurts and wakes me up.

On Tuesday, I see the chiropractor again and I see the physical therapist. I really only need to do two more long runs and I think I'll have a decent shot at finishing WS. After this morning, I think I can go to the gym and do some upper body lifting, just to burn some calories.

Bit by bit...

Also, given the current economy, this little news blurb from yesterday was very interesting, to me, at least:

Vermedx gains $500,000 investment through FreshTracks Capital.

I believe it was the WSJ that reported that only 1.5% of companies trying to get first round venture capital in the past year have pulled that off. Why is this relevant? Vermedx is the company where I currently work part time.


Lori said...

That's good news Damon--
I hope the chiropractor is able to get everything functioning again-- soon!

Jamie said...

Great news! Seems like a lot of us are having success with chiropractors these days.