Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So much for the higher paying job

My wife's car has been making some funny noises recently. We had the snow tires taken off a few weeks ago, and the summer tires are generally quieter than snow tires. But instead, her car has been noisier. Today, the mechanics got to look at it. It looks like it's going to take $800 to get it fixed. My new job pays more than the old job, but not $800/day more. I guess we're stimulating the local economy.

I had a great bike ride yesterday in windy conditions. I rode just over 15 miles north from my starting point, and upstream along the Second Branch of the White River. I was in the little chainring the entire way out, but I knew that when I turned around, things would get easier.

I ended up riding in the big chainring almost the entire way back and I felt strong. It took me 1:57 to go 31 miles - definitely faster than I've ridden some other rides recently. But, I'm still far, far away from the old triathlon days, when most rides were done at an average speed of 20mph, unless I was going very long or riding lots of hills.

I'm not sure if I'll get to work out today or not. I'm at my new job all day, my car needs an oil change, I have to help my wife out with her car later, etc. But, maybe I'll get to the gym late tonight. Starting tonight, we're going to see lots of rain for the remainder of the week, so I'll likely cross-train in the gym for a few days. I'm hoping that by skipping a few days of running, I'll get the hamstring to settle down a bit again. Then, I can hopefully go long but slow on Saturday.

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