Thursday, May 21, 2009

5K in the heat

I'm entered in a Corporate Cup 5K tonight. Today is the hottest day of the year so far in Vermont. I'm not planning to push the pace given the state of my hamstring. But, I might get in some good heat training for WS.

My teammates are my wife and my former doctor. I think the hospital has about 5 or 6 teams entered tonight. Last time I ran this, I was the fastest person from our hospital. But, that won't be the case tonight. I might not even be the fastest person on my team.


David Ray said...

So, what, it's like 50? :) Has the snow melted yet?

Have a good run.

Damon said...

It was in the mid-80s last night.

Most of the snow is gone. Man-made snow at ski resorts is still lingering and there are patches of snow at higher elevations in protected areas.

Last Saturday, when I was on Mt. Mansfield, I went past "The Stake", which is something of a state landmark for gauging the snowfall for the winter. When I was skiing by the stake earlier this winter, the snow was over 10 feet deep. Last Saturday, it was 18" deep.