Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weather not looking good

Now that I know I can at least train on my road bike, I've been looking at the weather forecasts more and more. I was thinking that I could get in a ride of at least 3 hours on Saturday, but the weather doesn't look very promising for days right now.

It rained all of this morning, but the afternoon is supposed to be drier. Hopefully, I'll get out for a ride after work tonight. The next two evenings look very discouraging. The weekend looks discouraging as well.

All of March, when I wanted precipitation (in the form of snow), it was dry. Now that I want dry weather, it's raining almost non-stop.

Last night, it was raining, so I went to the gym. I did a short but intense ride on a spinning cycle and then did some upper body lifting. All in all, it was a pretty short workout. It was also my 4th consecutive day doing some sort of cycling. Later last night, I was on the couch, watching the Yankees and Red Sox play baseball in a downpour in New York, and my right quad suddenly cramped up on me. Clearly, I'm not yet adapted to cycling as often as I'd normally run. My butt is telling me the same thing.

I've got more treatment appointments scheduled for the next 10 days or so. PT and chiropractor on Friday. PT next Wednesday. Chiropractor and sports doc next Friday. Plus, I have work to do at home - stretching, icing, foam rolling, the "Stick", heat, and e-stim. There's not much more I can do right now except follow the treatment protocols and wait things out.

It would be nice to be able to ride outdoors if I'm going to try something as stupid as a 3-hour bike ride.

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Anonymous said...

I'd consider buying a mag or wind trainer. If you think about how much you'll spend on WS, the $100 or so one would cost is not much, especially for someone who just inked a big free agent contract

Dr. X