Friday, April 10, 2009

Two good workouts

Last night, as planned, I ran 12 miles on the bike path by Lake Champlain. I deliberately took it easy, knowing that I have a 20 miler planned for Saturday morning. I could still feel some effects from my trail run last Saturday, so I think that skipping my 10 miler on Tuesday was a good idea. When I just didn't want to run on Tuesday, perhaps my body was telling me something.

I managed to get one blister last night, trying to get just one more run out of a pair of worn-out socks. Not too long into the run, a thin spot became a hole and my shoe rubbed against my little toe for the rest of the run. I may have to tape that spot for my long run tomorrow.

Yesterday was the fourth Thursday of the last five that I've done this exact same run after work. A week ago, I pushed the pace a bit, and last night I deliberately did the opposite. My time was exactly the same as it was 4 weeks earlier, but the run last night felt easier than it did then. Four weeks ago, I started faster but then died on the way back. Last night, my pace was much more even.

This morning, I went to the gym to lift, but I changed my planned workout a bit. I did the exact lifts and reps from my planned workout, but I decreased the weight and decreased the rest intervals. So, I made it more of an endurance workout in some ways. A workout that normally takes almost an hour was over in 35 minutes this morning. I'm going to try to make similar changes to other gym workouts so that they will hopefully have less impact on my runs.

After my 20 tomorrow, I'll take a rest day on Sunday. We have two family birthdays in the next week, and when Easter falls in April, we use Easter Sunday as a big family celebration. So, I'll be spending all day Sunday cooking for a dozen people.

Good luck to my fried Ollie at McNaughton this weekend.

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