Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The verdict (for the moment)

The sports doc gave me a thorough poking and prodding yesterday. He is pretty convinced that the hamstring pull is in the main part of the muscle group and that I didn't tear any attachment points. He said the fact that I don't have any visible bruising or obvious swelling is a good thing. However, he did say it's still possible that it was a tear very deep in the muscle and that bruising could show up in a day or two. But, overall, he was optimistic.

He's also an athlete and understands my need to get back healthy and back to training for my race.

So, I'll start physical therapy today. PT will be a combo of ultrasound, massage, and e-stim. He's asked the PTs to lend me a portable e-stim machine so I do that at home as well. As soon as possible, he wants me to start pool running, to work on the range of motion in the muscle, but without it being weight bearing. And, I can return to running when ready. But, his estimate for me being back on the roads and trails is 1-3 weeks.

There's still time for everything to come together, but this will certainly make race day at WS more difficult.

So, I simply have to do everything possible to get past this injury and be ready for race day. And certainly, people who aren't training can't drink beer.

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