Thursday, January 8, 2009

Weights last night

Just getting to the gym was a challenge last night, due to the weather. But, we made it and the gym wasn't crowded. Last night's workout started with sets of jump squats. Having never done them before, I did warm-ups with no weight at all and then did the sets with just a 45# bar. Next week, I think I'll try 65#.

The rest of the workout was 2x20s with short rest. High reps, lower weights, and short rest = labored breathing and lots of sweat. I was done with my workout before my wife, and I spent 20 minutes just laying on a mat recovering.

After the workout, I had some consulting work to do and dinner to cook, so my wife was nice enough to run the snowblower. I'll run it a second time when I get home from work tonight.

I'll run 60-80 minutes after work tonight, in darkness on the bike path beside Lake Champlain. Tomorrow, I'm hoping to run in the morning and at night.

Next week, it looks like we have a chance for two snowstorms and one of them could be big. After the second storm, the temps will plummet and our nighttime lows could reach -20F to -30F for a few days. Time to crank up the wood stove.

I hate the scale. I feel like I'm never going to lose any weight, no matter how I eat. It's frustrating.

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