Friday, January 16, 2009

Easy five to start the day

It was -29F this morning, so I chose to run inside. When I lived in Alaska, I ran outside in temps that low a few times, but I just didn't feel like it today, despite the lack of wind. Tonight, I'll run another 10 treadmill miles before a cold weekend of skiing.

My annual physical is scheduled for later this morning. One of the perks here at the hospital where I work is a free annual physical. It would "only" cost me $25 for a co-pay without that benefit, but I don't complain about the free visit.

Well, strike that. The phone just rang and my doctor is out sick today. So, no physical for me today. It will probably take them months to find another opening. I scheduled this visit months ago.

Over the weekend, the temperature is supposed to moderate slightly. I think that my wife and daughter are going to skip skiing tomorrow, but my son and I need to be there. Despite the cold weather, it's a holiday weekend and the mountain will be busy, so my son and I will both be busy working. After this weekend, the mountain will be a bit less crowded until Presidents' Day weekend. Hopefully, we'll get some new snow soon. Our last real snow was last Sunday and there are no big storms on the horizon right now.


Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

I remember that cold, cold, cold Vermont skiing.

Living in Utah, it was simply never that cold - temperatures were more *stable* there. It was a rare day when it was below 0 F, and much rarer when temps didn't rise at least above 10 (in fact, I can't recall any right now).

But right now, I'd take a nice, cold ski day :)

Speed Racer said...

-29*?! I can't even imagine what that would feel like!!! Please be safe, whatever you wind up doing this weekend. I don't know what happens when skin freezes, but I'm sure it's not sexy!