Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interval work and snowshoe run (but not at the same time)

Last night, I did 6 easy quarter mile intervals on the treadmill as part of a 4-mile workout. My pace was about 7mpm for each repeat - not all out, but it was work.

This morning, I did 50 minutes of snowshoe running before work, running in a couple inches of new snow. It looks like our snow is about to turn to sleet and maybe some freezing rain later today. People to the south of us are going to get hit by another ice storm - at least their third such storm this winter so far.

The ski resorts to the north seem like they'll do fine in this storm, with over a foot of new snow.

If the gym doesn't close early due to the weather (the local schools are closed), I'll lift tonight. But, roads in VT and NH are all in pretty bad shape right now.

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