Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm complaining about being tired.

My wife just found out that a former boss and good friend has a very nasty form of cancer that progressed very far before it was found.

I'll stop complaining now and be thankful I'm capable of pushing myself the way I do.


David Ray said...

Yep. Reminds me to be thankful.

Speed Racer said...

My mom had just tallied up her medical expenses for the year (for tax purposes). $1,500 of copays: Another thing to be thankful for.

Continue to take care of yourself. I hope you're still able to go out dancing and chasing the ladies on Friday nights when you're 100.

(My security word is EVILESIN. Evil, vile, sin. Are you trying to tell me something, Damon???)

Damon said...

If I'm chasing ladies at age 100, my wife is likely to kill me.

Besides, I'm already so old that I never "go out" to do anything any more. I stay home and read and fall asleep before my kids.