Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tired (again)

Last night after work, I went straight home. Once inside the house, I walked straight ahead to my bed, which is only 10 or so steps from the front door. I fell straight into bed and slept for an hour. Then, I got up and cooked dinner for everyone and did some consulting work until 10:30. I had planned on going to sleep by 9:00, but I found an inconsistency in some software I was working on, and I needed to get that fixed last night.

This morning, the alarm was set for 5:00. The first time I looked at the clock, it was 6:14. I got to the gym late, but still had time to do my lifting workout. Regretfully, the workout was hard - harder than last week, using the exact same weights.

My legs are less sore today, but I'm still tired. I'm kind of unfocused as well right now - not really feeling like working or working out or paying attention to my diet. Mostly, I want to sleep. All of this makes me feel like Jim Puckett when I'd rather have training run reports like Julie Berg.

I'll get out for an easy run tonight to see how that feels. Maybe my marathon two-plus weeks ago took more out of me than I realized. Maybe I'm just being lazy. But, I certainly don't want to get injured, so I'll go by how I feel for a few days, rather than sticking strictly to a schedule.

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Fat Charlie the Archangel said...

You know that you're in bad shape when you start getting used as an example of fatigue - and the guy using your is an ultrarunner.