Friday, March 28, 2008

Hamstring update

I thought about going to the gym for an easy 3 indoor miles this morning, but thought better of it. The hamstring feels much better today and I'm going to go to the race tomorrow and see how things go. It's a loop course, so I'll never be more than 3.5 miles or so from my car.

It's snowing here again today and we should end up with 4" or so. But, the ground in Boston has no snow cover, so it should be a different story down there. The course will be wet and may have some icy patches early, but no snow. I think.

Last night, I started rummaging through my ultra gear, trying to find the stuff I need to run a trail race. I'm guessing that my quads will be sore on Sunday after going up and down all day long.

Of course, this all assumes that I am able to do the whole race.

On another note, my son is finally past the worst of his illness and is attending his high school track practices. His illness created a double-whammy for him. Today is the end of the quarter in school, and three teachers suggested he take an incomplete so he could catch up on work he missed while sick. But, his track coach said he was already more than a week behind with the team, and if he had more than one incomplete class, he would not be allowed to practice according to school rules. So, he had to try to catch up academically while he tries to catch up to the team as well.

One of the classes where he was looking at an incomplete was gym, where he needed to do some of the tests for the Presidential Physical Fitness exam. He ran his mile on Tuesday in 8:41, coughing along the way. He could probably run sub-8 right now if healthy, but the 8:41 is an improvement from his last test, so he gets the top score there. He managed to catch up in geometry, and he's going to take an incomplete in Spanish, so he can make up some work there over the next week.

So, it looks like he can still practice, unless, of course, his humanities paper about Led Zeppelin comes back with a bad grade. I swear that I wasn't allowed to write papers about rock bands when I was in high school. It was more along the lines of analyzing the symbolism of Eppie and her golden colored hair replacing Silas Marner's stolen gold. And then being told you missed the point completely. Next think you know, there will be portable video games and telephones that these danged kids will want to own.

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