Monday, March 10, 2008


Saturday, while Ohio was getting crazy amounts of snow, it rained over most of Vermont. It poured all afternoon. The skiing was really good in the soft rain-soaked snow, but for some reason, the children that I teach weren't enthused about skiing in the rain. Just after 2:00, we went in for a hot chocolate break and we stayed inside until the ski day was over.

Saturday night, the winds howled and the temps plummeted. When my son and I got to the mountain yesterday, power was out for most of the mountain. The few lifts that had power were also in the path of high winds and the lifts were iced up. Ungroomed trails were just plain scary looking, from a skiing perspective.

Very few children showed up to ski, and we had too many coaches for the kids we had, so I volunteered to leave early. My son had no work for the day, so he was going to be stuck at the mountain all day with little to do if I worked. So, we were home by 11:30 yesterday.

I headed to the gym and did the following workout:

Five supersets, with each superset containing 3 sets of each lift:

Wide-grip seated row

Barbell push press
Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl

Dynamic Lunge
Upper Body Russian Twist

Abdominal Crunch
Captain's Chair


After this work, I did 15 minutes of intervals on the stair climber. I knew by the time I finished that I would be sore today.

This morning, I ran 3 miles just to loosen up a bit, and I'll run on the roads or snowshoe on trails after work tonight. The extra daylight will be very nice for evening workouts.

It's going to be a long, wet mud season here in Vermont. We have so much frozen precip that will need to melt, and we have four storm systems lined up for the next 9 days. The first system will be a few inches of snow tomorrow night, but the next three will probably include some rain. Of course, our snowpack is nothing compared to snow depths in the Sierra Nevada at this point in time. It's too bad I can't use my snowshoes for the early miles at Western States.

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