Tuesday, March 18, 2008



My son is really sick, and I seem to have a cold. I lifted and ran 6.3 yesterday, but I was coughing through the day. This morning, I slept in and I'm not going to train today. I'm amazingly sore from my workouts yesterday. My chest is congested and I simply need to rest for a few days. Perhaps I should have rested more last week when I felt run down, or maybe it wouldn't have made a difference.

I'm always torn about when to stop or re-start training around an illness. I don't want to stop too soon and then get sick anyway and miss a lot of days. I also don't want to start training too soon after an illness and not allow myself to recover. But, being the type of person who runs 100 mile races, I'm too obsessed with training to take lots of rest time.

Just over 14 weeks until WS and 11 days until my first ultra of the year -not a good time to get sick, although there's rarely a good time.

My son is going to miss most, if not all, of his first week of high school track practice. Right now, he's way sicker than I am, with a persistent fever. I'm just tired and congested so far.

I'm supposed to teach a quality improvement class at work tomorrow. It's a 7-week training program that I'm leading, and I think I need to find a back-up for class tomorrow, in case I can't do it.

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