Friday, March 14, 2008

Another version of "this date in history"

I ran an easy 6 last night (58:07) and felt OK. This morning, I did a slow 4 on the treadmill and I'll run another 6 outside tonight. I'm feeling better after getting some extra sleep the last few nights and backing off training on Wednesday.

About a month ago, I listed my running mileage to date for this year and four previous years. I decided to look at those numbers again today:

2004: 652
2005: 225
2006: 144
2007: 329
2008: 438

So, either I'm off to a decent start this year, or my career has been all downhill since 2004 and Hardrock.

Let's see if I can find my weight on this date for those same years:

2004: 196 (I raced Hardrock at 176 or so)
2005: 188 (I weighed in for WS at 187)
2006: 189 and climbing. I got to 196 by April and then weighed in at 197 for VT100
2007: 197 (I weighed in at 194 for VT100)
2008: 188

In only one of the four previous years did I lose any noticeable amount of weight from March to my 100 miler. That's not good news.

This year, my BF% is lower than any of those other previous years at this time, but I still need to lose another 8 or so pounds before WS to really be where I want to be.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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