Friday, March 7, 2008

Another treadmill day

I ran an easy 5 this morning on the treadmill. I'll do 6 more tonight. The weather just isn't cooperating for road running right now. We've been going above freezing most days this week and then everything freezes over at night. Next week, with daylight savings time, I should be able to start getting outside more after work, when the temps are above freezing.

The storm this weekend is going to include snow, sleet, freezing rain, icing, and pouring rain - with the form of precipitation varying frequently. Skiing might be decent tomorrow, but Sunday is likely to be a disaster. Only 16 days until I'm done teaching skiing for the season. Ski season may go into May, but I'll be done working much sooner than that. The ski season has flown by.

These guys really want the winter to be gone, so they can get back to running and chasing animal smells:

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