Monday, March 31, 2008

Race Results Update

Apparently, the course on Saturday was tougher than I thought. Only 8 of the 21 starters made it through 4 loops of the course, although one runner apparently did a "modified" 4th loop and was still out there when I left. His final time was listed as 11:05.

The results show only 2 people doing 5 loops, although I know I talked to 3 runners on my last loop who said they were on their 5th loop, so there might be a mistake in the results.

The winner, a very tough female who is running Western States this year, ran 5:56 and second place was 6:03. After that, no one else broke 7 hours for the 50K, although the guys who went 5 loops were sub-7 through 50K.

A number of very good runners called it a day after 3 loops.

Definitely a tough course.

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Anonymous said...

You WILL get to 180 with these strong resolves!
in Wisconsin