Monday, March 3, 2008

Last week, this week

I completed my recovery week as scheduled, with a handful of short walks and runs, two days of low-weight lifting and two days of teaching skiing. I seem to be recovering from my minor cold, and I felt pretty good in the gym this morning. After the lower weights last week, I added weight to squats and rows this morning, and kept everything else at the levels from two weeks ago.

Skiing was great this weekend, with snow on Friday and another shot of fluffy powder on Saturday night. I was skiing deep untracked lines in wilderness terrain yesterday, enjoying it tremendously. We are lucky at the mountain to have a remote "out of bounds" adventure available right from the top of one of our lifts, and my boss and two other coaches and I took 13 children into that terrain yesterday. At the end of the skiing, we simply hop on a bus for a ride back to the main resort.

This week is busy again, with Vermont's Town Meeting Day (and elections) tomorrow. I have meetings each of the next three evenings. But, I'm also off work tomorrow, and I plan on running 20-25 miles, split between two sessions (one before and one after Town Meeting). That should let me get in a good mileage week this week.

With the election tomorrow, it's also possible that I'll have a lot more free time soon. I have to be considered an underdog in my election tomorrow, given my opponent's experience in local and state government and how well-known he is. I'm almost tired of hearing from people how smart my opponent is, how nice he is, plus he's a lawyer, so he must be good at politics. OK, I'm not almost tired of hearing it; I'm beyond that point.

If I win the election, I'll be glad to continue doing the job. If I lose, I have plenty of ways to use the extra free time.

We're going to have a lot of messy weather this week, including a potentially big ice storm on Tuesday night. Daytime temps are starting to climb above freezing on a more regular basis. Our average high/low temperatures for March 3rd are 36F/11F and the averages by the end of the month are 46F/24F. This will mean a month of melting during the day and freezing overnight, leaving the roads slick for morning running, but maybe OK for evenings. April 24th is the date when our average lows hit 33F.

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Good luck, Damon!