Friday, August 12, 2011

Should I be sore the day before a race?

I'm not really too sore, but three straight days of CrossFit have left me a bit tired. I think that after a rest day today that I'll be fine for the relay tomorrow.

My wife ran a race last night (5 miles, dirt road, rolling course), so she isn't exactly tapering into the relay either. But, today is a rest day for both of us.

CrossFit was pretty straightforward last night:

Strength Work:
7 x 1 squat snatch - Due to shoulder mobility issues that also affect some other overhead lifts, I was doing a partial squat on each snatch - something between a muscle snatch and a squat snatch. I checked my logbook and my max lift of 115 pounds last night was 10 pounds better than the last time we did this one. If my shoulder was healthy, I'd be around 155 pounds.

Then, the MetCon:
3 rounds, as quickly as possible
10 kettlebell overhead squats, left hand
10 kettlebell overhead squats, right hand
20 pull-ups
run 400m

I used light KBs at 26 pounds and still struggled with my depth on the OH squats. I am getting better on these lifts, but slowly. I used an assistance band for the pull-ups. And, one of my 400s was pretty slow because my shoe came untied. Basically, I did this one fairly easy, at level 2, trying to save something for the relay tomorrow. Last week, I did 170 pull-ups in 3 CF workouts. This must have been an easy week - only 110. I'm trying to work on getting rid of the bands for these, but I'm nowhere close to doing large number of pull-ups without bands (or kipping pull-ups). But, I'm getting better week by week.

The weather looks great for the relay tomorrow. It should be a fun day.

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