Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CrossFit - Helton

When we do back to back workouts at CF that use the same or similar movements, I usually end up pretty sore for a couple of days. After doing squats and burpees on Monday night, we had a variation of squats plus a lot of burpees on Tuesday. I'm walking a bit slowly today.

The workout was Helton - another in the seemingly endless series of "Hero" WODs. It's sad how many workouts we have that are named for soldiers killed in the line of duty. Joseph Helton from Georgia died from an IED explosion in Iraq in 2009.

Once again, as soon as I walked into the gym, I knew it would be tough. One of my frequent strength training partners, Bob, was still doing the workout when I arrived at the gym. He was in the 4:30 class yesterday and I arrived about 5:30. And, the clock was over 40 minutes and ticking for him. There was no strength work on the board either. That all meant a grueling MetCon.

Helton - 3 rounds, as quickly as possible
Run 800 meters
30 dumbbell squat cleans (the little hop in the video isn't necessary or maybe even appropriate)
30 burpees

The Rx weight for the squat cleans was 2 x 50 pounds. Level 1 was 40 pounds and level 2 was 25 pounds. I chose 30 pounds and had a pair of 25s nearby in case I needed to drop down, but I stayed with the 30s, as it turned out.

I'm pretty sure our 800m loop is a bit long. It took me 4:45 to do the loop and I was running faster than that, or at least it seemed that way. Maybe I'll double-check it with my GPS sometime. By the time I was through the first round, I'd used almost 12 minutes. I figured that if I could do 12-13-14, I'd be pretty happy. And, that's about what I did, finishing in 38:21. At that time, I was about mid-pack in the class. We had some people in the mid to high 40s, and everyone looked beat. Already on Facebook this morning, I've seen a comment from someone else in the class that she is sore today.

Today, I have a 7 hour meeting that might force me to miss CrossFit after work. Hopefully, I'll make it, but if not, I can probably use the rest. Or, if I do miss the class, I might do an easy bike ride instead.


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