Friday, August 5, 2011

Discretion - sometimes you just need a rest day

Apparently, doing 150 air squats in a workout where your legs are already fried from squats earlier in the week is a bad idea. As much as I wanted to go to CrossFit yesterday, I am clearly an injury waiting to happen. So, I took a rest day yesterday. I worked late, cooked dinner, did some laundry, watched some baseball, and got some good sleep. Tonight, my wife and I will do a slow easy run.

I want to be especially careful because I'm on a 6-person, 100-mile relay team next weekend. And right now, one of our 6 is out with an injury, so we are searching for a replacement runner. If I hurt myself, the team is really in trouble.

So, despite my head wanting to go to CrossFit last night, my body said no and I listened.

But, I'll be back at CrossFit on Monday, and I'll get in some workouts this weekend at home as well.

Next week, I'll probably start tapering for the relay after Wednesday's workout. I'll probably do something easy on Thursday and rest on Friday.

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