Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CrossFit - Jack

Last week really beat me up. It was three days of CrossFit with some bike riding each day that did it, but the real issue was squats. We did heavy back squats on Monday with high rep, lower weight front squats. Then, on Wednesday, while still sore from Monday, the workout included 150 air squats, done in sets of 30. On Thursday, I could barely walk. CrossFit wasn't even an option.

Friday after work, my wife and I went out for a 4 mile run. I could barely run due to soreness, and it took almost an hour to walk/shuffle 4 miles. On Saturday, I was still sore. I started a deadlift workout that I'd skipped on Friday, but even that wasn't working. After my warm-ups, I did 5 reps at 255 pounds - an easy lift for me - and then quit. I knew if I increased the weight at all, I'd end up hurting myself.

Sunday needed to be a rest day. After not sleeping well on Sunday night, I was exhausted by the time I got off work on Monday, and I simply went home, ate dinner and went to bed. Finally, yesterday, I was rested enough and ready to go again. In the previous 5 days, I'd done a slow four miles and a few moderate weight deadlifts. But, I needed the rest. My body made that very clear.

Anyway, last night at CrossFit, after the warm-up, we did practice for muscle-ups. Of all the movements we do at CrossFit, this may be the last one I'll get. I'm nowhere close right now. To do a muscle-up properly, you need to be able to do an unassisted chest-to-bar pull-up and unassisted ring dips. Plus, there are some technique issues during the "transition" from pull-up to ring dip that are not easy to master. For those of us who couldn't do actual muscle-ups (most of us at the gym last night), we worked on components of the movement. I chose unassisted pull-ups. Normally, when we do pull-ups, we do so many of them that I need an assistance band to get through the workout. Last night, I decided to do 2 unassisted pull-ups, every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes. I hadn't even tried any unassisted pull-ups in a while and I was happy with how this portion of the workout went. Next was the MetCon - Jack:

20 minutes, as many reps as possible:
10 barbell push presses
10 kettlebell swings
10 box jumps

I chose 85 pounds for the push presses, 53 pounds for the KB swings, and 18" for the box jumps. Well, I chose 21" for the jumps, but after just a couple reps, I knew that I was going to have issues with that height.

The push presses were the limiting factor for most of us. As set after set accumulated, it became tough to do 10 straight without putting the bar down, or resting with the bar in the clean position, which isn't really a comfortable resting position.

I ended up doing 7 rounds, and on 6 of the rounds, I did the push presses without the bar going to the ground.

I was really happy with my KB swings. This was the most reps I'd done in a day with the 53 pound KB. I worked really hard on form and using hip extension to push the KB up. I think I'm just about done using the 35 pounders and I'll be at 53 until I'm ready to go to the 70s.

I'll go to CrossFit tonight and probably tomorrow morning, and then rest for 48 hours until the 100 on 100 relay this Saturday. This will be my 4th time running this relay, and I'll be runner number 4 on our team. I've never run this leg before. My first run is a hilly 5.5 miles. My second leg is the easiest, a fairly flat 4.2 miles. My third leg is mostly flat and 6.2 miles. Our team starts at 6:00 a.m. with a projected finish time just after 9:00 p.m. - 13 hours for 100 miles. We have 5 of our 6 team members back from last year, and I believe that our new runner is faster than the person she is replacing. I'm in better shape than last year, but at least one runner on our team (perhaps my wife...) is not in the same shape as last year.

Our time was close to 13 hours last year, so we should be close to that again this year.

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