Friday, August 26, 2011

4 Consecutive Days

My goal for this week has been to go to CrossFit five days in a row, something I've only done once before. To be honest, it's not what CrossFit officially recommends. If someone looked at the workout of the day on the official CF site, he or she would see that Thursday and Sunday are rest days - never more than three days in a row.

But, this was as much a challenge to see where my fitness is as a goal for a tough workout week. While I've done some longer workouts this summer, such as a marathon and the 100 mile relay, my total number of workout days has dropped off since late June. Work has been busy, life has been busy, etc. As of this past Sunday, I'd only exercised 33 out of 59 days, which is less than I prefer.

So, I decided I wanted six workout days this week and five of them at CrossFit.

Last night was a "Work Your Weakness" night, so I got to pick my own workout after the warm-up. I got to the gym early, so I got to do some extra stretching and foam rolling, and I did some practicing with the jump rope. One of these days, I'll get double-unders.

The WYW workout has two parts, one for strength and one more for speed.

For the first part, I chose Turkish Get-ups and Stiff legged deadlifts. For the first ten minutes, I did 2 TGUs per minute for ten minutes. For one, I started with the kettlebell in my left hand and for the other, in my right hand.

For the SLDLs, I did 3 per minute for ten minutes, at 155 pounds. This is a really low weight for a regular deadlift, but it works my hamstrings pretty well on the SLDLs.

For the second part of the workout, I chose weighted Bulgarian Split Squats and Abmat sit-ups. Each round was 5 BSSs per leg, followed by 15 sit-ups. In 12 minutes, I completed 80 split squats (40 per leg) and 125 sit-ups. Amazingly, my abs aren't sore today, so maybe the sit-up wasn't the weakness I thought it was. Perhaps I should have done wall climbs or toes-to-bar instead.

Tonight, we have our final workout of the Wendler lifting cycle - a low weight deadlift workout. I'm not sure what the second half of the workout will be, but I should survive it.

Monday we have a workout that will test the results of the 12-week cycle.

Tomorrow, I have a lot of prep work around the house before the hurricane hits on Sunday. I'm hoping to squeeze a bike ride in sometime on Saturday, but getting ready for the storm takes precedence. The current weather forecasts, even for central Vermont, are pretty ominous.

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