Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two good workouts

OK, since I wrote my last post, I have done one CrossFit workout. But, it was this morning and not last night. And, I did work out last night. Here are the boring details of my workouts:

Last night:

Heavy deadlifts to start - warm-up sets of 5 reps up to 225#. Then, 3 reps @ 275, 2 @ 295, 1 @ 315, 1 @ 335, and a failure at 355. I lifted 355 14 months ago and I haven't gotten above 335 since then. After that, I did some lower weight sets at 315 and 275.

Then, on to the squat rack. I normally squat first on days that I do these, so this was a new experience. I warmed up at 45, 135, 185, and 225. Then, I started my low-rep work sets at 245, 265, and 275. Even though I did a 300 pound squat last month, I could tell at 275 that I shouldn't push it any more. I then did a few lower weight sets at 225 to finish up.

After the squats, I did a couple sets of walking lunges while holding 30 pound DBs in my hands. I quit when a quad cramp was imminent. I think I'd done 2 sets of 12 reps per leg at that point.

After that, I went home, did some laundry (workout clothes), cooked dinner, ate dinner, watched the Biggest Loser and went to bed. I was up at 5:00 this morning to go to CrossFit, less than 12 hours after my last workout.

I got there and saw that after some stretching, we had two strength groups: 3 x 5 front squat and 3 x 5 strict press. After doing back squats last night, I knew front squats would be tough. I recently did 225 for a single front squat, but I only did 155 for the three sets this morning. I then did 105 for my strict presses. That is not my best strict press ever, but it is the best I've done for reps, I think.

Then, the MetCon workout was (at my level) 10 minutes, as many reps as possible:

9 knee push-ups
16 air-squats
20 rope jumps.

I have to admit I didn't go 100% on this one and I got through 7 rounds plus 30 more reps. I was simply feeling the effects of last night and the other work this morning. I worked up a good sweat, but it was definitely not all out.

I'm curious if I'll be able to walk tomorrow, but I'm glad I got those workouts done.

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